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AWS CLI - Trigger and poll Codepipeline

Some of the pipelines I work on deploy workloads in AWS using AWS CodePipeline. In another CI/CD tool, I'd like to use the aws cli to trigger a CodePipeline and periodically check if it succeeded or not.

My setup requires:

  • The aws cli is present and correctly configured - be that using AWS access keys or using an assume role.
  • Infrastructure-as-Code written in Cloudformation. This can be ported to your tool of choice.

Set up permissions for CodePipeline

I found it tricky to properly set up permissions for CodePipeline.

    Type: 'AWS::IAM::Role'
      RoleName: ...
      PermissionBoundary: ...
        - PolicyName: codepipeline
            Version: '2012-10-17'
              - Effect: Allow
                  - codepipeline:GetPipeline
                  - codepipeline:StartPipelineExecution
                  - codepipeline:GetPipelineState
                Resource: !Sub arn:aws:codepipeline:${AWS::Region}:${AWS::AccountId}:MyPipelineName

Combining the steps

I need to add 2 more steps:

  • Trigger CodePipeline with aws codepipeline start-pipeline-execution --name MyPipelineName --region eu-central-1

  • Looking at the json returned by running aws codepipeline get-pipeline-state --name MyPipelineName --region eu-central-1 use jq to find the last stage of the pipeline and the status of the last action.

$PipelineExecution = aws codepipeline start-pipeline-execution --name MyPipelineName
Do {
  Start-Sleep -Seconds 10
  $codepipelineState = aws codepipeline get-pipeline-state --name MyPipelineName --region eu-central-1
  $codepipelineStatus = jq '.stageStates | .[length-1].actionStates | .[length-1].latestExecution.status' $codepipelineState
} Until ("Succeeded" -eq $codepipelineStatus -OR "Failed" -eq $codepipelineStatus)
Write-Host "AWS Deployment completed."
# TODO: somehow let ci/cd tool know about success or failed so that the it paints the steps green or red